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Hello Out There!

Hi Guys!

Just a quick post to tell you I have had some ongoing issues with the comments section of the blog. I am optimistic that it is now fixed. Please leave a comment below if you can! I have some fun things to share as soon as I can get this bugaboo fixed!

Ciao :)

Aunt Erma Would Be Proud


By Vicki Hughes  Posted April 16, 2013

In case it isn’t obvious, I adore Erma Bombeck. I found her when I was a twenty-something young mother of a rambunctious toddler, and her wit was my cup of tea. I related to her lack of enthusiasm for housework, the mind numbing redundancy of laundry, and her secret fears that true self actualization might be possible with the right deodorant or the next self help book, but that I might be reading the wrong one, or slathering my pits with the wrong speed stick.

Erma gave me hope that an ordinary wife and mother could build a real writing career, and express herself with self deprecating humor and a little real, honest look at how life really is.

I won a little online writing contest with Midlife Collage this past week. And I have to give Aunt Erma a little nod, because she gave me hope that everyone starts somewhere, and sometimes it’s a very unglamorous place. Here’s to progress, and going for it, and for the people who actually read what I write. You have made my day, possibly my year.


© Vicki Hughes 2013

I’m All Ears


I want to know what you have enjoyed here so far, and what you want MORE of. Wrack your brains, scribble notes (that you may or may not be able to read or find later) or just comment below, and let me know how I can bring you the things you want most from Hell-Bent On Happy.

My heart’s desire is to provide a positive community of people who live in the real world, overcoming real stuff, with practical, fun, uplifting ideas and ways of looking at life. I love encouraging you, and your happiness matters to me!

Happy Sunday…stay frosty. I just learned that. It means “stay cool.” You’re welcome, now you are cooler than you were five seconds ago.

© Vicki Hughes 2013

Thanks to All You Early-Birds!

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This is a very quick dry run, just checking with the few of you who have signed up as the early-birds for my blog emails :)

I switched over to a new email provider called MailChimp. God willing, and the creeks don’t rise, you will get these better looking emails whenever I publish something new on the blog. The emails will have all the info. so that you can contact me any old way that flips your wig, via Facebook, Twitter, or just going to the blog at

Hopefully this will simplify things, and make it much easier for you to share stories you like, and it should open up new ways for me to get cool stuff to your in-box. If you have any problems, or questions, just leave me a comment, and I promise to get back to you ASAP.

I hope these doses of Asshat Repellant keep you smiling, and positive in am imperfect world laced with random Asshats!

You guys are the greatest!

Love ya, mean it!

Vicki :-)

© Vicki Hughes 2013